Guided Tours in Rome with actors

Guided Tours in Rome with live theater.
Live Rome don’t just see it!

Unconventional Rome Tours introduces you to a new and original way of enjoying a guided tour!
Only we can offer in Rome an extraordinary experience where you become an integral part of the visit.
You not only learn about the most famous sites of the Eternal City, but you also get to meet the Borgias, Nero, Julius Caesar, the most famous Popes, the protagonists of Angels and Demons, Caravaggio, Bernini, Michelangelo and many more, thanks to a fantastic cast of professional actors in costume who, with our expert guide, help you unveil the secrets of the characters of the past.
The history lives for you…in front of you!

"THE BEST OF Rome": walking tour with live theatre

"THE BEST OF Rome": walking tour with actors

Live the excitement of meeting the protagonists of ancient Rome in the setting of the most beautiful and fascinating parts of the Eternal City. Our guide unveils for you the wonders of Rome and seven actors re-enact Michelangelo, Rafael, the Borgias, Bernini and many more.

from 49.00€

Guided tours in Rome the CATACOMBS OF ROME.

The Catacombs of Rome with tour guide and actors. Exclusive access after closing.

Are you ready for an evocative and mysterious journey back in time? Descend into the galleries of Priscilla’s Catacombs. Our tour guide retraces the history and seven actors introduce you to men and women from the past.

from 49.00€

THE BORGIAS: the power of evil

THE BORGIAS: the power of evil. Walking tour with actors

Come with us to learn the secrets behind the places, the love affairs, the characters, interpreted by our actors, and the misdeeds of the most terrible family of the Vatican’s history. They are known as the Borgias, but few people know the truth about them.

from 57.00€


Divide et Conquer: Roman Fora with actors. Private tour.

The Imperial Fora and the glories of Rome come to life in this extraordinary tour thanks to the explanations of our licensed guide and the very words of the emperors, interpreted by our cast of professional actors.

ANGELS & DEMONS team building tour

ANGELS & DEMONS team building tour

Robert Langdon finds himself on another one of his adventures. Divided into teams, accompanied by our guides, partecipants enjoy the gems of Rome and meet the protagonists of the movie, interpreted by our actors, who give them clues to decipher the code that allows Robert Langdon to defuse a dangerous bomb.


BERNINI VS BORROMINI guided tour with actors. Private tour.

The most famous artistic rivalry between Bernini and Borromini: the two geniuses of Baroque Rome. With our licensed tour guide and our actors, in costumes, enjoy the wonders of Rome created by them following an evocative route inside the Eternal City.


CARAVAGGIO'S SECRETS IN ROME. Guided tour with actors. Private tour.

Michelangelo Merisi from Caravaggio, the great painter’s last night in Rome. Learn about the places where he lived. Unearth his fantastic paintings and listen to what the characters have to say to you…but beware: it won’t be easy to come back to 2017…


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