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Are you visiting Rome with your kids? Don’t worry, with our kid-friendly tours your sightseeing will be relaxing and entertaining as nevere before!

Rome has never been so tailor-made for kids as on our tours, where your children can take home memories of an adventure back in time with the stories about ancient Romans, gladiators, popes and emperors. Our experienced and qualified guides, specialized in tours for children will accompany the children and thrill them with details of the monuments and the most famous museums of the city by telling them stories, legends and funny and exciting anecdotes. This engaging tour is suitable both for parents and children: choose what suits you best. Our offer is super varied and inspiring…you’ll want to try them all!


The EmperActors tell you about Rome at the Colosseum and Roman Forum

Share with your kids this experience and discover together the great accomplishments of the Ancient Roman Emperors at the Colosseum and Roman Forum. With our guide, two actors will take your family on a trip back in time, reenacting in an amusing way the emperors’ arrival into the present.

The best of Rome child-friendly walking tour

Rome Highlights Treasure Hunt

Little explorers grow up! Your children will explore Pantheon, Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, Navona Square to solve the clues and take part to the educational activities that will lead them to a truly special guided tour ending up in an amusing treasure hunt! Entertainment is the keyword!

Colosseum: a day as gladiators

Ancient Rome Treasure Hunt

Learning something new has never been more entertaining! Your children will be captivated by the stories that the guide will narrate them about the Colosseum, Ancient Rome, the Gladiators and the Emperors. A very amusing tour for the children who will be involved in a fun treasure hunt that takes place at the Colosseum and Ancient Forum.

Colosseum: a day as gladiators

Tivoli Villas Treasure Hunt. Full-day.

Admire two splendid villas: Villa Adriana and Villa D’Este. Travelling from Rome to Tivoli in one of our air-conditioned cars with our guide, reach Villa Adriana and Villa D’Este where two amusing treasure hunts will be waiting for you. Get ready!

ancient Ostia: little Indiana Jones' explore the city

Ancient Ostia Treasure Hunt

Your children can enjoy an amusing treasure hunt with our guide in Ancient Ostia, the old port or Rome: a surprising city where they will learn about the ovens, the dwellings, the laundries, the theatre, the bars and the fire station.

rome with kids Baths of Caracalla: games and wellness

Baths of Caracalla: fun and wellness

After a stressful and always-in-a-rush period it is time for you and your family to pumper yourselves a bit. And what did the ancient romans do every day to preserve their health?! They went to the Spa, of course! Unveil the baths of Caracalla, the most popular of ancient Rome. At the end of the day you will feel better. No doubt about it!

Trajan's Market: the shopping mall of ancient Rome

Trajan's Market: the shopping mall of ancient Rome

For future little architects who want to learn about construction materials and architectural techniques of the past with the help of our licensed guide and maps. Trajan’s market place is a unique site in Rome and today it is an important museum.

Castel Sant'Angelo: mysteries and secrets of a castle prison tour

Castel Sant'Angelo: mysteries and secrets of a castle prison

Come into the mysterious Castel Sant’Angelo with your kids to discover its fascinating history, dating back to 123 A.D. when it was built as the great tomb of Emperor Hadrian. Hear about its terrible prisons and try to imagine together with your family the mysteries hiding behind them.

Galleria Borghese: myths and legends

Galleria Borghese: myths and legends

Inspire your kids with this tour and stimulate their imagination and creativity! See the artwork created by geniuses of the 17th century, enjoy the fantastic mythological stories masterfully portrayed in marble, take pictures of your favorite works of art, reproduce them on paper and guess the name of the works. Didactic and funny…what else would you ask for?

Treasure hunt at the Capitoline Museums

Treasure hunt at the Capitoline Museums

Entering the museums is like stepping into a time machine and experiencing this experience with your children makes it even more exciting!  Learn about the many pagan gods with a fun treasure hunt and find out who is your favorite.


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